5 Things you never knew about Christina Aguilera


The media had a field day with Christiana Aguilera when she fumbled last Sunday at the super bowl while performing the national anthem. Every media had their own analysis of the young musician fumble and each spend considerable time analyzing your flaws. Like everyone, Christiana Aguilera is not without fault and was nervous as one can expect given the fact that she was in front of hundreds of millions across the globe. Last Friday evening I received a news feed that confirmed the singers performance at the Grammy Awards and I had a rush of joy for her. Not for performing but for ignoring the mistake and moving along with greater accomplishment.

As was expected, Christina Aguilera did an excellent performance shutting the mouths of many of the nay sayers who were pulling her over the hot coals. Great performance provide inspiration to many but the bravery she exhibited thought me some valuable lessons I would like to share.

  • Mistakes will be made: Like every singer or person alive today, to err is human and we will make mistakes along the way. Even in the most perfect plan can still fail, so ignore the crowd and keep moving forward.
  • Believe in yourself: If you stop your dreams at one little bump will you ever achieve your goals. I enjoyed the performance of the Christiana both with her fault and with the comeback notes at the Grammy Awards. You cannot listen to everyone, believe in yourself, you abilities and your dreams.
  • Forget the past: While we are to take lessons form mistakes made before, we cannot change anything. So just move along and forget the past.
  • Media Darling: While the media had a field day beating on Britney Spears during her dark period, Christiana Aguilera is now receiving a slew of media assault and she is boldly making a positive image.
  • Fault: Like anyone with stress in their life, Christiana Aguilera has her problems, today, as I am completing this post, I just read a post of Christiana Aguilera and boyfriend busted. While she will go through her period of challenges, she will bounce back since she has natural talent that most of the nay sayers don’t have.

In this world, the media build you and sadly, they also break you. With challenges to image, personality and behavior, the media has a powerful eye. They are able to pick you apart and if your job is to make a big pay day, you can suffer the pressures. So when the lights are all off and the attention dust settles, Christiana Aguilera will continue being a Grammy Award, and multi-platium seller.

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